Tor Enabled Sim Card Will Keep Communications Anonymous

Mobile and Internet communications have made our life a lot easier but at the same time it has also put our privacy vulnerable. Protecting the information online is one of the major challenge that we all face today. The goal has become to access everything without revealing anything. When it comes to privacy, almost no one can be trusted. There is even a possibility that out ISP provider or our VPN service provider is maintaining a log for everything that we do online and keeping  a track on us and there is good chance that we are not aware of it.

One way to maintain privacy online is to use VPN service but not all VPN service providers can be trusted too. So, Brass Horn Communications, a UK-based non-profit Internet Service Provider which gears towards providing secure surveillance free Internet access has came up with a new solution to protect the users privacy online. This method is not new. But, it will be first time that it is being implemented by company. The company is testing a data-only sim card that will automatically route all the device traffic through the Tor (The Onion Router) network thereby implementing the next level of privacy by default on end user devices as the user only needs to configure the device a little bit. So, the most important part that we should focus upon is that even the Brass Horn Comms will not be able to monitor the incoming and outgoing traffic. Tor is an open-source software program that allows users to protect their privacy and security by enabling anonymous connections.

According to Brass Horn Communication Onion3g website,  “The Onion3G design is a closed network between your 3G device/MiFi/modem and the Brass Horn Comms Tor bridges, this may make the collection of Internet Connection Records (and by extension other forms of bulk surveillance) less effective.”

It also says that “This is achieved by only issuing private IP addresses to remote endpoints which if ‘leaked’ won’t identify you or Brass Horn Communications as your ISP. (Furthermore your computers aren’t technically connected to the Internet so can’t communicate to the servers that the exploits need to connect to in order to leak your address.).”

The Onion3g sim card is available for beta testing in the UK. The tester who are interested to contribute can send a mail on the following e-mail id:

It is estimated that the sim card will be available in 2019 and it will initially available in the UK. The cost of the sim card will be £2.00 per month and the charges for accessing the internet will be £0.025 (2.5 pence) per Megabyte transferred. The user should have a prepaid account due to the anonymity of the account holder and not having enough prepaid credit at the end of the month will lead to the suspension of the service.

But technically speaking, it is not a good idea to tunnel all the communications through the tor network especially connections related to banking and financial services.

The tor network can be accessed now by using  the Tor Browser Bundle on desktop and  with the help of Orbot app on Android phones and tablets. But before using it be sure that you know how to use it.

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