Hadoop 1 vs Hadoop 2 vs Hadoop 3

Hadoop 3, launched in 2017 made a notable difference in the world of data and a new era began. The Hadoop framework is at the core of the entire Hadoop ecosystem, and various other libraries strongly depend on it. The table below describes the differences between Hadoop 1.x, Hadoop 2.x and Hadoop 3.x.

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Password Help!

Do you want to check if your account has been compromised in a data breach? It may not be your e-mail account or banking credentials that may have been compromised but it can also be e-mail address that was used or associated with some other type of service or account. It might be possible that you used your e-mail id somewhere to create an account or sign-up or even sign-in may have been compromised in a data breach and the attacker might use the same credentials i.e username or e-mail and password to gain access on a different website or service.

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